Having a baby? 10 Questions to Ask

When expecting a child, the manner of treatment during labor, birth processes an after matters a lot. Consequently, you should take your time and know in details about how your health provider plans to go about the process. Remember you could opt to have a Juno reborn baby doll is you wouldn’t want to experience motherhood.

And what’s the best way to dig about your chosen health facility other than asking questions? Here some of the most critical issues to ask before the delivery day reach;

1.    Who is allowed to accompany me during labor and birth?

Most mother-friendly birth centres will let you have a say in whom to stay with you during the process. That includes the husband or other chosen relative.

Also, you should have assigned labor support professional to stay by your side all the time.

2.    Is pacing around allowed during labor?

In a friendly setting, the birthing mother is allowed to walk around in the way she feels comfortable during labor. That should apply even during the childbirth process too.

3.    How do you go about the normal labor and birth process in your place?

The friendly medical personnel should walk you through every step on how they handle the labor and childbirth process. Besides, the person should give you the average C section rate performed annually.

4. Other than drugs, do you have other ways you use to manage labor pain?

The persons to care for you should beware of other ways of relieving labor pain other than using drugs.  Look out for a centre that gives suggestions like;

•    Listening to music

•    Enjoying a warm bath

•    Trying different positions

•    Massage

5.    How do you assist first-time mothers to breastfeed their babies?

A good hospital or birth centre should assist the mother to breast feed the baby. Here are the responses you should expect;

•    Explaining the best breastfeeding position

•    Assisting the mother to breastfeed the baby an hour after delivery

•    Encouraging the mother to stay together all night and breastfeed the baby as often as the baby demands. Otherwise just opt for real life baby dolls from Juno Reborn.

6.    In the event, my baby is born with complications, will the stay here with me or transferred to another health facility?

Complications can arise during labor or soon after birth.  So it’s wise to inquire with the hospital where you plan to have your baby how they handle complexities after delivery. The facility should have a backup plan put in place for complications they can’t handle.

7.    Do you carry out circumcisions?

Some facilities perform circumcisions on boys others do not. Even though there aren’t many medical reasons for circumcisions, other communities still carry it out for religious purposes.  It’s therefore advisable to check with the hospital if they support your wish.

8.    Do you respect the mother’s cultural belief and practices?

Each ethnic group has their set of beliefs and culture associated with childbirth.  For example, some do not allow males to be around when women are giving birth. So share beforehand your cultural beliefs and requirements you’d like to be honored.

9.    Can I bring along my midwife to the health facility?

 Birth centres do have labor supporting personnel (doula). In such places, the expectant mother is allowed to bring along a midwife if she so wishes. It’s good to find out before the delivery day to avoid confusions and frustrations.

10.    What’s the episiotomy rate on the mother of deliveries made last year?

A good health facility should strive to lower the episiotomy rate to less than 20%. So ask about the number of women who had given birth in the health facility and undergone episiotomy.

Make prior arrangements and make your delivery day less challenging. Ask everything you would wish to know in advance.

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