Pledge your loyalty to the Bangtan Boys

Bts Accessories are a great way to spruce up an outfit and take your look to the next level. The right accessories never go out of style and can last you a lifetime. Let us take a close look at one such option.

About the Product

The BTS Kpop Titanium Ring Necklace by Fanstown is a product that promises to bond you to your favorite band forever. The ring is made of stainless steel which the seller describes as rust proof. It ships with a steel chain or a dark rope and two BTS pocket lomo cards.

The ring is available in six options with one of the following patterns:

1. Band member name and birthdate in a plain (sans-serif) font with a gemstone embedded in between

2. “BTS A.R.M.Y” text in a simple font with the stone separating the two words

3. Similar to the first option with a stylized font and the addition of the band name enclosed in wings before the band member’s name

4. The band name in English and Korean in a bold typeface with the gem in between

5. Band name and logo followed by the member name, gemstone and the “LOVE YOURSELF” text in a standard font

6. Band name and their debut date in a stylized font separated by the gem

The rings cost between $9 and $15.50. There is also an option to have the ring customized by the seller for an additional charge.

Some Thoughts

The package includes everything specified and a note from the merchant. The ring comes in a nice box which is ideal if you plan to gift it to someone. The ring is thicker and heavier than expected. The surface of the ring is smooth, and the engravings on it are clean. The chain that accompanies it is small and not very strong. But if the ring does not fit on any finger, it gives you to option to wear it around your neck. So, it’s handy. If you think it’s flimsy, replace it with a chain of your choice.

There is no option on the site for selecting the ring size. This means you could receive any size. So, if you plan to wear it on your finger, buy from the seller instead of choosing a Kpop Choices -fulfilled order. Contact the seller immediately after placing the purchase order and request them for the size you want. This will increase your chances of getting the right size.

The product is priced on the higher side but assures decent quality. Customers who wear the ring every day have stated that there is no visible damage despite being dropped several times or inadvertently hit against other surfaces. However, the black ink in the lettering is likely to fade with use.

There are a few complaints. The product does not rust, but a couple of buyers have stated that the part of the finger on which they wore the ring turned green. The chain and photo cards were missing from a couple of packages. One customer observed noticeable scratches on the surface. Another said the stone fell out on first use. In one instance, the ring did not arrive with the package. The color of the ring was gunmetal gray in another. But, these issues were rare.

The Verdict

The product is not cheap, but it is built to last. Go for it if you want something that will be an enduring reminder of your love for the Bangtan Boys. rful Accent 6;\

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